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Celtic Ogham Reiki

In Reiki the energy flows from an expert person’s hands towards the recipient of a treatment. During a treatment, physical contact is not necessary, though it can occur, if one likes to.
By using the vital force, which can be found throughout the whole Universe, the operator can re-establish or help to re-store the recipient’s energetic balance and well-being. The way the treatment is given and the fact that it is done by using an impersonal, superior energy, is one of the basic principles of Reiki.

In Celtic Ogham Reiki® the aforementioned aspects and this energy are utilized in order to reach a state of well-being and balance.
According to the ancient Celts, trees had an important meaning: they believed that they had a spirit of their own. Such a high consideration for trees amongst the Celts, is testified by the fact that the vast majority of their writing system was based on the names of specific trees.
This Reiki method is clearly founded on the beliefs, myths and history of the ancient Celts. The letters of the Ogham alphabet are utilized as symbols by Celtic Ogham Reiki®  practitioners. Ogham is the old writing system of the Celts. It consists of a series of lines which intersect one another and represent different types of trees. Every letter stands for a different type of tree, each of which carries specific qualities, not only  physical but also energetic and spiritual.

Some of these trees are: silver fir, birch, hawthorn, heather, oak, ash-tree, etc.
Each of these trees is connected to a symbol from the ancient Ogham alphabet. Celtic Ogham Reiki® practitioners utilize these symbols to channel specific energies, which are typical of determined trees.

Celtic Ogham Reiki® not only introduces its practioners to these symbols and to their utilization, but also gives information about some fundamental aspects of Celtic culture such as honour, courage and so on.
Given all that has been said so far, it is clear that the aims of Celtic Ogham Reiki®  go beyond the mere physical aspects, but are meant to focus on the spiritual aspects of an individual as well.
In order to be even more clear, it is good to stress the fact that Reiki - in general - and  Ogham Reiki - in specific - are not religious practices of any kind, although ancient Celtic culture and beliefs are taken into consideration by Celtic Ogham Reiki® for cultural and personal growth.

Celtic Ogham Reiki® highlights authentic contact with the forces of nature which characterize it, and the true knowledge and experience of plants and trees which lay at the very root of the energy and its symbols.

Trainer - Maurizio Battistella

Maurizio Battistella

Maurizio Battistella, Reiki Shihan (Master) in many different systems, amongst which (but not only...) Usui, Karuna Reiki, Tibetan Reiki, Gendai-Ho, Komyo, Raku Kei, Sekhem-Seichim Reiki, Huna Reiki, Hawaiian Trinity Reiki, Run Valdr (Runic Reiki), Celtic Reiki.

He is authorized to release Karuna Reiki Diplomas by the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) in Southfield, USA. He is authorized to release Diplomas according to both Gendai-Ho style and Komyo style by the respective Japanese headquarters.
He is one of the founders of ReikiTeam®. He is the creator of Celtic Ogham Reiki®, as an evolution of Celtic Reiki. He is the founder of Hawaiian Huna Reiki®, a Reiki system that combines and integrates various styles of Hawaiian Reiki and Huna.

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